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For the Home / Residence

In Asia, feng shui is routinely used to increase prosperity, maintain family harmony and ensure happiness at home.   A typical on-site consultation lasts 2 hours, and is followed with a written report detailing all findings and recommendations.
A consultation will teach the resident which areas of the home correspond to specific areas of his/her life and thus how to fix or treat problems. It will also “clear” the space of negative energy.

Many of our clients note positive results after their consultations, including the following specific benefits: 

  • Improved sleep
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved family harmony
  • Increased productivity
  • Successful pregnancy attempts
  • Improved finances
  • Getting a job offer after a long search
  • Finally meeting a partner
  • Fewer headaches
  Rates and Fees
$270.00 - Homes smaller than 2000 square feet
$360.00 - Homes measuring 2000 - 5000 square feet
$450.00 - Homes larger than 5000 square feet
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For Businesses, Non-profit Organizations and Offices

In Asia, feng shui is commonly used to fix ailing businesses or to ensure that healthy companies continue to thrive.  Nearer to home, many well-known Western companies have used feng shui to confer competitive advantage, with Virgin Airlines and Trump Enterprises often cited as prominent examples. Consultations take approximately 2 hours and are followed by written report detailing all findings and recommendations.   Following are some of the most common uses for feng shui in a business setting:  

  • Setting up a new business
  • Moving to a new location
  • Occupying a location in which previous tenants did not thrive
  • Ensuring that the boss is the one who is really in control
  • Bringing in new business
  • Retaining staff members
  • Fostering an atmosphere where staff gets along
  • Increasing revenues
  • Increasing productivity
  Rates and Fees
$270.00 - Offices smaller than 2000 square feet
$360.00 - Offices measuring 2000 - 5000 square feet
$450.00 - Offices larger than 5000 square feet
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Lisey Good Feng Shui Bio

Lisey Good has been practicing feng shui since 1995.  She has studied with some of the best-known teachers in the world,  including Helen and James Jay and Stephen Post, author of the best seller “The Modern Book of Feng Shui” and the first person to teach feng shui in America.  She has participated in multiple programs at Harvard Divinity School with Professor Lin Yun, arguably the world's most revered master in modern feng shui.

Her credentials include 2001 certification with the China Studies Institute in Nevada City, California and extensive travel throughout Asia.

Ms. Good has published articles on feng shui, and lectured on the topic in Boston and NY.
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